Kumpulan Soal Ulangan Semester Kelas 10 SMA Bahasa Inggris Beserta Kunci Jawaban

Bagi kamu yang duduk di bangku sekolah atas, sebentar lagi kamu akan lulus dan terjun ke dunia perkuliahan dan kerja. Soft skill sangat dibutuhkan terutama kemampuan berbahasa asing, salah satunya Bahasa Inggris. Jika kamu belum menguasainya, maka kamu harus berlatih setiap hari, tidak hanya speaking dan writing, cobalah untuk mengerjakan soal kelas 10 SMA Bahasa Inggris berikut untuk mengasah kemampuan readingmu.

This dialog is for question No. 1-3

Lisa: Hi Sally, did you read the announcement?

Sally: About what?

Lisa: “Eric just sent me a text saying that you have passed the state exam.

Sally: Oh really?

Lisa: Yes, you can read the text yourself, here it is.

Sally: Wow, thanks for letting me know.

Lisa: Don’t say that. I … (1)

Sally: “… (2) for saying that.”

Lisa: … (3) Where will you continue your studies? “

Sally: I don’t know yet.


A. Congratulations on the conclusion

B. Congratulations on your performance

C. Sorry to hear that

D. I’m very proud of you

E. So


A. No

B. Thank you very much

C. I am happy

D. I am very happy

E. I am very proud


A. Well

B. You’re welcome

C. Of course

D. Yes i do

E. Good luck

4. What is – aroma – jasmine – white

What are the correct settings for the product above?

A. The scent of white jasmine that I have.

B. White jasmine is the aroma.

C. White jasmine is the aroma

D. This is the scent of white jasmine

E. The aroma of the white jasmine

5. My English...really... since I moved to Australia

A. Had/imrove

B. Has/improved

C. Is/improving

D. Are/improved

E. Will/improve

6. Ina    : “Happy Birthday, Susi.”

Susi : “Thanks.”

Ina : “It’s a gift for you.”

Susi :...

A. Of course

B. Congratulations

C. Nevermind

D. Wow, how nice it is

E. Ok

7. Have you ever...him?

A. Been met

B. Met

C. Meet

D. Meeting

E. Been meeting

8. Do you work...the evening?

A. In

B. At

C. On

D. Or

E. With

9. I ...any parties since I lived in this town

A. Attend

B. Attended

C. Has attended

D. Have attended

E. Am attending

10. Mr. And Mrs. Anandra... that house in 1987

A. Has bought

B. Have bought

C. Bought

D. Buy

E. Are buying

11. Anna... (not see) the movie “Inception” in the cinema yet.

A. Is not seeing

B. Doesn’t see

C. Didn’t see

D. Have seen

E. Hasn’t seen

12. They have visitid their grandmother....

A. Several times

B. Today

C. Last week

D. Yesterday

E. Two days ago

13. My birthday party will be celebrated .... Sunday .. 07.30 p.m.

A. In – at

B. On – at

C. In – on

D. On – in

E. At – on

14. Alya : “ … you come to Helen’s party yesterday?”

    Novi : “No. I didn’t. I …to help my brother.”

A. Did – have

B. Did – had

C. Did – has

D. Do – have

E. Do – had

15. Dina :” Have you ever been to the zoo?”

    Andy:”Yes, I …to the zoo.”

A. Be

B. Being

C. Has been

D. Have been

E. Has be

16. Simon went to Australia. He …some gifts for his friends there.

A. Bright

B. Bring

C. Brought

D. Brougth

E.  Bringed

17. Julie   : ”Do you know David?”

    Maria : “Yes, I do. We …each other for almost five years.”

A. Has known

B. Have known

C. Has knew

D. Has knew

E. Knows

18. Sera :”Have you … Erin today?”

A. Show

B. Shown

C. See

D. Seen

E. Have seen

This text is for question No. 19-20

Until the 16th century, tulips were relatively unknown in Europe. However, by the 17th century, the flower became a status symbol, indicating both wealth and good taste. The value of tulips rocketed. This gave birth to what we now call “tulip mania” the urge to own a tulip. At the height for tulip mania, tulips changed hands for fabulous sums of money. In Holland, records show one tulip bulb being sold in the early 1600s for “a load of grain, four oxen, twelve sheep, five pigs, six barrels of fine drink, two barrels of butter, one thousand pounds of cheese, a suit of clothes and a silver beaker”. Tulip owners displayed their tulip bulbs and not the flower. They did this for the simple reason that they thought the bulbs were too valuable to plant.

19. The scientific name for tulips is ….

A. Turban

B. Turkey

C. Tulipa

D. Holland

E. Tulip

20. What is Holland well-known for?

A. Gold

B. Tulips

C. Turbans

D. Roses

E. Orchids

Itulah tadi kumpulan soal ulangan semester untuk kamu yang sedang duduk ditahun pertama SMA. Apakah kamu sudah merasa lebih paham dengan ilmu yang satu ini? Atau lebih pusing? Jika kamu belum mengerti, tanyakan kepada teman, kakak tingkat, atau guru les yang lebih fasih dalam berbahasa Inggris. Tambah juga hafalan kosa katamu, agar kamu mudah mengartikan pertanyaan pada soal-soal tersebut.

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