Terlengkap, Soal Ujian Semester Ganjil Kelas 7 SMP Bahasa Inggris Pilihan Ganda 2020

Bahasa Inggris merupakan bahasa yang sudah diajarkan di sekolah sejak kelas 1 SD hingga kelas 12 SMA. Bahasa ini merupakan bahasa kedua setelah bahasa indonesia yang wajib kamu kuasai. Pelajaran yang satu ini sangat bermanfaat dikehidupan sehari-hari. Jadi, kamu harus lebih giat mempraktikkannya, misalnya seperti mengerjakan soal kelas 7 SMP Bahasa Inggris berikut ini.

1. Pak Handoyo really wants to know how Anton is doing. He was not as happy as before.

Pak Handoyo: Anton, what’s wrong with you? You don’t see it well tomorrow

Anton: You’re right, sir. … I think I’m cold.

Mr. Handoyo: You need to rest at home.

A. I’m fine

B. I am doing fine

C. I feel uncomfortable this morning

D. I do not feel bad

2. Ms. Rossy: Good afternoon, students.

Student: Good afternoon, madam.

Ms. Rossy: Well, I can’t teach you this afternoon. I have a meeting with client.

Student: It is okay. We will learn from ourselves, madam.

The underlined speech is an expression of …

A. Greetings

B. Leave it

C. introduction

D. Banned

3. Ferly: Romy, this is my sister Vivian.

Romy: …?

Vivian: How are you? I’ve heard a lot about you.

A. How are you?

B. How are you

C. How is your life

D. What happened

4. Sorry, everyone. I would like to introduce Mr. Richter to everyone. He is a new employee in our office.

The underlined expression is …

A. Introduce me

B. Introduce others

C. regards

D. Leave it

Numbers 5-11 are based on this list.

Refrigerator pillow case

Pitcher, wardrobe, dressing table

Set the microwave knife master table

Set the time for the saucepan

Grater cooker supports eraser

5. Which of the following types is NOT common in the kitchen?

A. Grater

B. water heater

C. A ruler

D. Jug

6. Which of the following methods is used to store clothes?

A. Cupboard

B. Support

C. Refrigerator

D. Dressing table

7. This is the type of container where liquid is stored. He often has a small gap to pour our drinks. What is that?

A. Juicer

B. water heater

C. Refrigerator

D. Grater

8. Which of these things are not usually found in the bedroom?

A. Wardrobe

B. Support

C. Sink

D. Pillow

9. This object is usually in the bedroom. These are long or narrow pillows filled with pieces, feathers or fibers. What is that?

A. Pillow

B. Support

C. Palate

D. Jug

10. This is a kitchen tool. This is a kind of pot, usually made of metal, especially for boiling water, with a lid, spout and handle. What is that?

A. Jug

B. Water heater

C. Sink

D. Grater

11. This is usually found in classrooms. Usually worn by travelers. You look at it to find a place and not get lost. What is that

A. Schedule

B. Eraser

C. Card

D. head table

This text below is for the questions 12 to 14

My Favorite Animal

My favorite animal is rabbit. Rabbit has two long ears. Its eyes are big and black,

but when it is dark its eyes are red. It has two long teeth. Its nose is small and soft pink.

Its tail is soft, round and small like a cotton ball. Its legs are small. It doesn’t walk,

it jumps. It is vegetarian and its favorite food are carrots.

Rabbits are very funny.

12. How many ears does the rabbit have?

A. Two ears 

B. Three ears

C. Four ears

D. Five ears

13. Does it has short teeth?

A. Yes, it does 

B. No, it does

C. Yes, it doesn’t

D. No, it doesn’t

14. What is the title of the text?

A. Rabbits are very funny 

B. My Animal D. Rabbit

C. My Favorite Animal

This text below is for the questions 15 to 16

Mr. Fahri, the Farmer

Mr. Fahri is very happy. The rainy season of this year makes the farm beautiful. It

is panting time. Rice fields become fresh and green during this season and by the end of this season Mr. Fahri is ready to harvest his crops. Mr. Fahri ploughs the land at the beginning of the rainy season. Then, he usually works early and finishes at noon. Milking the cows, feeding the livestock, and cleaning the barns are among Mr. Fahri’s duties before breakfast. He does most of the hard outdoor work by himself.

15. What is a farm like during the rainy season?

A. Beautiful 

B. Happy 

C. Cloudy 

D. Rain

16. When does Mr. Fahri’s workday end?

A. Morning 

B. Night 

C. Early morning 

D. Noon

17. When does Mr. Fahri plough the land?

A. At the end of noon 

B. At the beginning of land 

C. At the end of the rainy season

D. At the beginning of the rainy season

Observe the dialogue below and answer the question 18 to 20

Jihan : Good morning, Ms. Yuli.

Ms. Yuli : Good morning, Jihan.

Jihan : I’m sorry, I’m late.

Ms. Yuli : That’s OK. Come in, please.

Jihan : Thank you.

Ms. Yuli : Right. Now, Look at the picture. What’s this in English, Jesica?

Jesica : It’s a ruler.

Ms. Yuli : Good. Now open your book on page ten and study the dialogue.

18. Who is late?

A. Ms. Yuli 

B. Jihan

C. Jesica

D. Mr. Yuli

19. What does Jihan say to Ms. Yuli?

A. I’m sorry, to hear that 

B. I’m sorry, I’m late 

C. I’m sorry, I don’t understand 

D. I’m sorry, come in.

20. The sentences below are the instruction, except…

A. Come in, please! 

B. Look at the picture! 

C. Open your book!

D. What is your name?

Bagaimana hasilnya? Apakah kamu bisa menjawab pertanyaan tersebut? Jika belum, maka kamu harus sering membuka dan membaca kamus, agar menambah kosa kata Bahasa Inggrismu. Pelajaran ini mudah kamu kuasai jika kamu sering mempraktikkannya di kehidupan sehari-hari. Jika kamu masih bingung, bertanyalah kepada guru yang mengajar Bahasa Inggris di sekolahmu.

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